Zoran Torbica


Zoran Torbica was born and raised in Belgrade.
During his younger days, he excelled in the areas of management and organization. In his twenties, he successfully ran a marketing and PR agency.
His interest in the Internet and new technologies brought wireless internet to Serbia, as he was one of the first providers in the Balkans.
Not long after that, he launched a domain registration service with card payments, which was seen for the first time in these areas.
In addition, Zoran Torbica started a non-governmental organization, called “Centar za razvoj Interneta”, which contributed to the knowledge and development of the Internet in Serbia.
In the recent past, Zoran Torbica was a special advisor to The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government also an Advisor to the Major of city Koper in Slovenija.
In addition to the above, Zoran Torbica is recognizable on the basis of numerous successful conferences that he organized, including Ekomobilnost, Adria Summit, Blogomanija; Tvitomanija; Nova Energija.

Dejan Tešić


Dejan Tešić is a banking and investment professional with 20+ years at C-level executive positions. Frequent panellist and moderator at numerous conferences, he is active as a tech start-up mentor.

Advisory Board

Boris Vujičić

Boris Vujičić

Boris Vujičić is an executive consultant and investor with 25 years experience of working in international markets. He is the Program Committee Chair of Technobank, regional banking conference held in Belgrade since 2001.

Aleksandar Bijelić

With 20+ years of C-level experience in technology, Aleksandar Bijelić is supporting development of innovation and startup ecosystem in SEE region, serving as a Chief Digital Officer of MK Group and as a President of Board for Serbian Venture Network.

Ljiljana Ahmetović

With over ten years of experience in the retail industry and top management positions in sales, a master’s degree in economics, and vast knowledge in the field, Ljiljana Ahmetović has been known as one of the pillars of the regional e-commerce scene from the very beginning. As a passionate mentor and employee development enthusiast, her current endeavor is

Simon Franko

Simon Franko is a hands-on Managing Director with more than 25 years of leadership experience in international environment. Currently engaged as BASF’s Managing Director in three countries – BASF Slovenija, BASF Croatia and BASF Srbija.

Jelena Radojičić

Over 10 years in IT industry. Born and raised in Podgorica, Montenegro, she pursued her business management degree in Houston, TX, and now resides in Belgrade, Serbia. Specializing in developing and opening new international markets, she excels as a Channel Account Manager at HYCU. Leading business expansion across DACH (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), and Israel, she strategically fosters partnerships with industry giants like AWS, Google, and Microsoft.

Petar Ulić

Petar Ulić is a serial entrepreneur with 27 years of experience in biz-dev with his feet deep in digital world. He has helped others create numerous e-commerce business and has been spreading the knowledge in community, including the work at UNESCO Chair for Entrepreneurial Studies

Božidar Pavlović

With 20+ years of C-level experience in banking, Božidar is deeply involved in the tech startup community as an angel investor and strategic consultant. He is currently setting up a new VC fund aimed at growth financing of regional tech scale-ups. 


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