Adria Summit 2024

Digital Commerce & Business Conference

“A rendezvous with the future of technology, business and innovation”

What is Adria Summit?

The Adria Summit is a top-tier event that brings together leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs from the e-commerce field across the Adriatic region. It’s a place where people connect, share ideas, and work together to drive innovation and business growth in the digital world. Through a mix of talks, discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, attendees get a deep dive into topics like e-commerce trends, technology, and how to build successful businesses online. It’s a chance to learn from experts, have meaningful conversations, and form valuable partnerships that can help shape the future of e-commerce in the region.


Kempinski Adriatic Umag

Conference program ⏐ Party ⏐ Sport ⏐ Networking

Wednesday – Sunday

Kempinski Palace Portorož

Gala Dinner

Thursday 8.00pm

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In the previous two summits, 251 companies participated, including Gorenjska Bank, OTP Bank, Procredit Bank, Adikko Bank, PBZ, Zagrebačka Banka, Shoppster, Ananas, Microsoft, Delta Holding, Milšped, Rakuten Viber…

Last year, the conference was opened by the directors of the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

Participants had the opportunity to hear inspiring speeches and panel discussions led by prominent figures such as Marko Landi, the man associated with Steve Jobs’ return to Apple, Mario Henjak, CEO of Gorenjska Bank, Ljiljana Ahmetović, CEO of Shoppster, Milan Gospić, Director of Microsoft, and many others.


At the Adria Summit 2024, you will have the opportunity to listen and learn from the best speakers in the field of digital trade and business, who will present their success stories, tips and trends that will shape the future of these industries.


The Day Before



Registration Kempinski Adriatic Savudrija

Lounge Golf Club - DJ Vuk Vukosavljević

Conference Day 1





Dejan Tešić, Zoran Torbica – Organizers

Stefan Lazarević, President at AmCham Serbia

We are Neanderthals, flying jet-planes

The human species has more or less remained the same for the last 100,000 years, but everything we have invented has greatly changed our behavior and understanding of the world. In the presentation, I will show how the gap between the development of technology and the human species is used or can be used in everyday business.

Miroslav Varga, GCT – Google certified trainer Martech specialist

The AI-Driven Supply Chain: Optimizing Inventory Management and Logistics

From groundbreaking case studies to ingenious solutions, this discussion reveals the power of AI-driven tactics. This theme focuses on the application of AI in supply chain management, including demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and route planning. Learn how to optimize your shipping and delivery processes with AI to improve customer satisfaction and grow your e-commerce business.

Moderator: Manuela Šola, Komunikacijski Laboratorij
Erich Cossutta, Founder and President at Dragon Maritime Group
Nenad Zdravković, Member of Supervisory Board at Milsped Group
Nikola Riznić, Chief Executive Officer at D Express
Bojan Dimov, Founder at Gesner Digital

Thinking out of the AI box

Toplica Spasojević, President at ITM Sistem doo

Unveiling the Significance of Customer Success at Adriatic Service Providers

In an era where clients meticulously choose their service providers, the emphasis on retaining customers and delivering tangible business value has never been more crucial. Frank will delve into why Customer Success is paramount, especially for IT Services companies, amidst the current economic downturn.

Frank Dijkstra, Customer Success at Alterset

After smashing records on Wall Street, what’s next for Bitcoin?

For 15 years, cryptocurrencies have mainly been available only to retail investors. The launch of Bitcoin ETFs in January, with record volumes, has shown huge institutional demand for this asset class and marked the beginning of the institutional adoption phase. What changes and what doesn’t for Bitcoin and the whole crypto industry?

Miloš Pavlović, CTO at ECD

Securing Your E-commerce Future: Crucial Hosting Conversations

Join Ljubisa Radivojevic for a crucial conversation on securing your e-commerce future with the right hosting solutions. He will share his insights and best practices on how to optimize, scale, secure, and future-proof your e-commerce infrastructure. Whether you are a business leader or an expert, this session will help you understand the importance of infrastructure for e-commerce success and how to make the most of it.

Ljubiša Radivojević, Chief Executive Officer of Mainstream

Kings of Conferences - Event Industry Digital Strategies

Moderator: Martina Sokač Saraga, MSS PULS
Zoran Torbica, Organiser of Adria Summit
Tomo Ricov, Co-Founder of Weekend Media
Robert Čoban, President at Color Press Group

AI in Media: Challanges and Oppotunities

AI’s impact on media is vast. It automates article writing, personalizes content, and recommends targeted advertising. However, it also raises ethical concerns such as privacy, autonomy, and freedom of speech. Additionally, AI can help combat fake news by identifying and verifying information. Pavle will tell us what are the AI concerns in media reporting.

Pavle Savović, Founder of

The Rise of Alternative Clouds: Fostering Sovereignty in Digital Transformation

This session explores the push towards alternative cloud solutions, examining how the hegemony of major cloud providers has marginalized local ones. What strategic shifts are essential for local cloud providers? Discover how your business can leverage these insights to gain a competitive edge in the evolving cloud market.

Boško Radivojević, Cloud MSPs Consultant

The Rise of Retail Media Network

How has online shopping reshaped customer engagement, fueling the rise of Retail Media Networks. What are the shift towards first-party data and the role it plays in driving interest in Retail Media for targeted advertising. This discussion will explain why retail madia has projected growth as fastest-growing advertising channel from 2024 to 2027.

Marijana Agic-Molnar, CEO at DIirect Media
Goran Tintor, Head of Marketing Data Intelligence at Direct Media

Why You Should(n't) use AI in SEO

Ever since the launch of ChatGPT, everyone started using it to make content, do keyword research, check on competitors and so on. However, when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. There are some instances where AI can be detrimental to your SEO efforts, so in this lecture, we will learn what our strategists should and should not use AI for.

Krešimir Ćorlukić, CEO at The Canonical SEO Agency

Party at Lounge Golf Club - DJ Milensi





What is an Investment?

Vladimir Đukanović, Investor, Author and Business Consultant

How is Europe losing the (TECH?) battle

Julien Coustaury, Fil Rouge Capital

Hyper to Stable: What has changed in innovation financing?

The panel discussion is aimed at shedding light on recent market turmoils, from inflation and high rates through the SVB collapse, IT sector layoffs and their impact on investors appetites. What multiples and yields are expected? How are the exit opportunities affected? What assets perform best?

Moderator: Julien Coustaury, Managing partner, Fil Rouge Capital
Dejan Tonić, Associate at EBDR
Jenő Nieder, Deputy CEO at PortfoLion Capital Partners,
Vladimir Đukanović, Investor, Educator, Business Consultant
Domagoj Oreb, Managing Partner at Feelsgood capital

Future of Payments – a vision of how consumers interaction with businesses is evolving

Alexandru Mihalache, Head of Products at Visa

Swift & Seamless: Mastering the Art of Quick & Convenient Checkouts

Explore the secrets to smooth, lightning-fast checkouts in e-commerce. Learn how to optimize user experience, boost conversions, and integrate top payment gateways for maximum convenience.

Moderator: Božidar Pavlović, AYMO Ventures d.o.o.
Rainer Schamberger, Managing director at Eurogroup Consulting
Danijela Gašparac, Head Of Market Research – CEO Advisor at Telekom Srbija / Marketing and Communication Consultant for Sector of Railway at MCTI
Dejan Tešić, CEO at Allsecure
Boris Blažević, KEKS Pay Intrapreneur at Erste Bank Croatia

Talking to AI humanoid Avatar - Use Cases in Real Life

In an era where AI-driven technologies are increasingly shaping our daily interactions, the potential for AI to enhance and streamline our lives is immense. In this presentation, we delve into the transformative power of conversing with AI humanoid avatars and explore real-life use cases where these modern customer interfaces are making tangible impacts.

Gürkan Ünlü, CEO / Board Member in Germany / Founder of an AI Startup
Rainer Schamberger, Managing Director at Eurogroup Consulting

How AR and AI are Transforming the Real Estate Industry

How AI is revolutionizing everyday life and business, particularly in the real estate sector, is a topic of significant interest. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), various aspects of the real estate industry have experienced transformation. From property valuation and market analysis to customer engagement and property management, AI-driven technologies have become indispensable tools in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. In the realm of real estate sales, numerous tools and technologies have gained popularity in recent years. Photogrammetry and augmented reality (AR), for instance, offer immersive experiences that allow potential buyers to explore properties remotely and visualize spaces as if they were physically present. This not only saves time and resources but also enables more informed decision-making for both buyers and sellers.

Moderator: Ervin Pašanović, Founder/General Manager – Adventis Real Estate Management LTD;
Daniel Pikl,
CEO at Chatbot Agency

AI Strategy? A Chance To Get Your House in Order

This roundtable will explore the importance of data, process, and client value management in the age of AI. It will cover the role of data in driving AI initiatives, strategies for effective data collection and analysis, and the transformative potential of AI in optimizing business processes and enhancing customer experiences.

Moderator: Boris Vujičić, Blackpine Executive Consulting
Marko Radojičić, MP at Cubeteam
Ivan Pribićević, Ph.D., founder and CEO at Simplify
Milan Nedeljković, Dean at FEFA Faculty

Adriatic Region: An Emerging Biotechnology European Hub

Borut Čeh, CEO of Labena

Validation Economy

Our economy is shifting towards validation where clients have the power to validate the products they’re offered due to the abundance of information and choice. Businesses need to transition from Product Validation to Customer Need Validation and collaborate with clients to build products. This creates challenges for businesses, but also opportunities. Our V A L I D method can help solve these problems. Learn more in this presentation.

Ibryam Yaldaram, Director at Expat Education Solutions Ltd

Brands of the future are hybrid organizations

Jan Stedul, Head of growth at

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How crisis-ready are you?

Crisis Simulation is a digital platform to assess how crisis-ready you are. Based on the principle of learning through simulation, this tool will put you through controllable chaos caused by a crisis event, which can happen at any time to any company or industry. In a controlled environment, you will be able to test yourself and your team to see how prepared you are to manage crises from a communication perspective. All you need to participate is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection.

Renata Krajičić, Account Manager at Komunikacijski Laboratoriji
Bojana Mandić, PR Senior at Komunikacijski Laboratoriji

Navigating Blockchain: E-commerce Applications, Security, and Hands-On Learning

Workshop Agenda: *Introduction to Blockchain*
Definition of blockchain
Brief history and evolution
Key features and benefits
*Blockchain Fundamentals* 
*E-commerce Applications of Blockchain*
Supply chain management Product provenance and authenticity
Payment systems and cryptocurrencies
Smart contracts for automated transactions
Security in Blockchain *Cryptographic principles*
Consensus mechanisms (e.g., Proof of Work, Proof of Stake)
Security challenges and solutions
Case studies of blockchain security breaches and their implications
*Hands-On Learning*
Introduction to blockchain platforms (e.g., Ethereum, Hyperledger)
Setting up a blockchain wallet
Basics of smart contract development
Demo of a simple blockchain application (e.g., token creation)

Nikola Cvijović, Co-founder at ECD.RS & CEO at Sidechain
Miloš Pavlović, CTO at ECD

Party at Lounge Golf Club - DJ Milensi

Conference Day 2





Snapshot of the startup industry in the Silicon valley

Vera Kenehan, Vice President at PsiQuantum

Be the Last to Speak: AI is Fine, but the Final Boss is User Experience

Idea is to increase regional GDP by a few extra million euros created out of thin air in the final 5 minutes of presentation. Join the Balun Hall Thursday 5:30 challenge!

Marko Bijelić, Helped Zoom to Grow from $20M to $200M

Lessons Learned from Entering the US Market

Moderator: Zoran Torbica, Adria Summit
Nenad Milanović, CEO at CAKE
Nikola Božinović, Founder at Frame
Tomislav Car, CEO at Productive

PitchSee - Meet the Future of Doing Business

Introducing the game-changing marketplace platform where startups & investors discover each other and connect easily.

Jelena Brbora, Porfolio Manager at PitchSee

Part I - Back From The AI Future
Part II - AI - Elaboration

Milan Gospić, Country Manager at Microsoft Serbia
Vedran Bajer, Country Manager at Microsoft Croatia,
Marko Čadež, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

AI-Powered Enterprise: Opportunities and Challenges in 2024

We have AI tools perfected on hourly basis, but how readily are companies implementing them into day-to-day business? Will the gap between early adopters and late bloomers at some point become too hard to bridge? Will the latter ones fall unrepearably behind? We unveil why you shoud cater the needs, but also the possibilites of growth of your company on time – with personalized AI solutions. 

Moderator: Izabela Vrtar, The Edit
Dejan Ljuština, CEO and Managing Partner at Vision Partners
Aco Momčilović, Global Head of AI SIG at IPMA
Mislav Malenica, Founder at Mindsmiths

Accelerating Innovation: The Role of AI in Digital Transformation

Explore the potential of AI to revolutionize businesses and industries, and how organizations can effectively integrate AI into their digital transformation strategies. The theme aims to provide insights into the transformative power of AI and encourage organizations to harness its potential to stay ahead of the competition and drive meaningful change.

Moderator: Bojan Bernik, Morgan Code
Nikola Balaban, CEO at M&I Systems Group,
Srđan Krčo, CEO at DunavNET,
Jelena Radojičić, Sr. Channel Manager at HYCU,
Miloš Đurković, Managing Partner at Amrop Serbia

Future of E-commerce: What Are The Next Game-Changers?

Mobile commerce, social commerce, conversational commerce – every year, more trends emerge in the digital shopping. Which ones are game-changers, and which are merely temporary buzzwords? This panel of experts will delve into both existing and emerging tendencies and technologies that influence the e-commerce industry. They will seek to answer the question: what will shape the online shopping of tomorrow and how?

Moderator: Jasmina Koprivica, Euronews
Konstantin Kostadinov, Senior Sales Director, CEE & CIS at Rakuten Viber
Tomislav Stančić, Regional eCommerce Business Development Manager at Shoppster (Member of United Group)
Goran Varađanin, Intelligent Automation Program Manager at M&I Systems
Aleksandar Stevanović, Retail & Consumer Markets Consulting Leader for Southeast Europe at PwC
Ivan Tanasković, Executive Director at eCommerce Association of Serbia

Innovation by AI as a part of digital transformation

AI innovation plays a crucial role in digital transformation by enhancing efficiency, automating tasks, and providing actionable insights. Inno Verse is a cutting-edge platform designed to harness the power of AI in driving innovation. It streamlines the ideation process, accelerates decision-making, and optimizes collaboration, enabling businesses to transform creative ideas into tangible outcomes efficiently. This tool is an essential asset for any organization looking to leverage AI for competitive advantage.

Dragan Tanasković, Head of Sales at CDT HUB

Fashion show by Jelena Đukanović

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Creating a killer EVP: 21st Century Starchart

Lazar Džamić, Lecturer, Writer, Creative Strategist

ESG and Business in the 21st Century: Sustainability through the Focus of New Generations

In the 21st century, environmental sustainability is paramount for business success. ESG principles, particularly the environmental aspect, are vital for balancing environmental preservation and profitability while meeting the needs of new generations. Companies face increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact. Generation Z and Alpha, known for their activism and technological literacy, prioritize environmentally responsible products and seek socially responsible employers.

Nikola Božić, Senior Education Consultant at Faculty of Applied Ecology “Futura”

Green is the New Black: Unveiling Eco-Chic ECommerce Strategies

Simon Franko, Managing Director at BASF,
Ernest Vlačić, Professor, PhD, MBA, BScEE
Saša Stanković, Digital Manager Europe at Versuni

Dancing to Success: Use Employee Motivation Factors for Long-Term Goals - regional research (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia)

What motivates gen Z and what frustrates Millenials? Where does the undiscovered world of productivity lie? What do Serbians practice that Croatians desire? Dive into the insights of this extensive regional study and get inspired for your work environment. Find out how to dance better on the intergenerational bridge!

Martina Sokač Saraga, Founder at MSS Puls

E-legal: how to sell a collar without losing a dollar - legal framework of online sales

What are the ins and outs of online transactions? From navigating consumer protection laws to mastering data privacy regulations. Learn how to protect your online business interests and steer clear of legal pitfalls while maximizing profits. Gain valuable insights and practical tips that will empower you to navigate the complex landscape of e-commerce legality with confidence.

Moderator: Ajna Mujević, Mujević & Marjanović Dujmović Law Firm
Dijana Kladar, Expert in Law at Vision Compliance Ltd.,
Marko Porobija, Managing Partner at Porobija & Špoljarić,
Dušan Stojković, Partner at Stojkovic Law Office

Same yet Different; Understanding European payment preferences and market dynamic vs Croatian

Since 2007, Nexi has been tracking consumer trends in e-commerce, observing the transition of businesses from cash transactions to online clicks. Last year, we conducted the first such research on the Croatian market, and in this presentation, our aim is to share with you some of the valuable insights we’ve gathered. Among these insights, we’ll delve into how individuals’ attitudes and local pride contribute to the triumph of localism and how Croats shop in comparison to European buyers.

Renata Devčić, Ecommerce European Head of Marketing at Nexi Group
Irina Bručić, CEO and President of the Management Board in Nexi Croatia and Nexi Slovenia

Generation Z and Alpha letter to CEO

Understand the profound impact of Generation Z and Alpha on market trends and corporate expectations. Learn about the distinctive traits of these generations, including hypercognitive abilities and a strong emphasis on sustainability. Discover strategies to align with the expectations of Generation Z and Alpha as consumers and future employees, ensuring relevance and success in the evolving market.

Jelisaveta Lazarević, Vice Dean at FEFA Faculty

Are You Using YouTube the Right Way and Why Not?

YouTube, with over 2 billion registered users, is a mystery for many companies due to a lack of understanding of the platform. Creating engaging content is only half the battle; the other segment involves researching and implementing SEO strategies. Aleksandar Ašković, a leading YouTube strategy and SEO expert, will showcase successful case studies and methods to unlock YouTube’s potential.

Aleksandar Ašković, Youtube SEO and Marketing Wizard!

Data Privacy Manager - Using AI in Personal Data Protection

Leading global SaaS platform for automating personal data processes, used by 200+ companies in 30+ countries. Utilizes proprietary algorithms for detecting and classifying personal data, enhancing data management efficiency. Demonstrates how AI and ML improve personal data management, benefiting companies’ data privacy practices.

Dražen Oreščanin, Board Member at Legit Software

Reinvention:How to Stay Relevant in Rapidy Changing Evironment?

Learn how to thrive amidst volatility in the Adria region through empowerment. Explore tailored solutions to address regional needs and cultural nuances. Uncover the secrets to transforming disruptions into strategic advantages. Hear how to stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment with the art of reinvent.

Jelena Lečić Mirčetić, Head of Quality Department at Strabag, SEE

Maximizing Revenue by Plugging Profit Leaks

Never lose money or data on avoidable mistakes.
Maximizing revenue is a procedure we run before launching ads. It was developed through spending $70mil on ads to ensure efficiency.
The mistakes we talk about are frequent and almost every business has at least one of these on their website.

Ivan Janku, CEO at Digital Rocket Marketing

Bridging the Atlantic, Eyeing the Pacific: Exploring Startup Landscapes in Europe, the U.S., and shyly eyeing Beyond the Western Bubble

Raša Karapandža, Professor, Entrepreneur and Public Enemy at Karapandza

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Creating a killer EVP: 21st Century Starchart MASTERCLASS

Lazar Džamić, Lecturer, Writer, Creative Strategist

Fashion show by Jelena Đukanović

Party at Lounge Golf Club powered by Fitpass - DJ Nadezda - Special guest DJ Milan Gospić




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